Summer retreat 15-22 July - Bodhicitta: The Broken Heart of Compassion

Senter: Stockholm
Dato: mandag 15 juli 2019 09:00 - 22 juli 12:00
Lærer : Sarah Coleman

Bodhicitta literally means “awakened heart,” and refers to the open state of mind that is the sole source of true compassion and human sanity. In order to help our world we take the heroic attitude that all other beings are more important than ourselves


Golden Key

Senter: Stockholm
Dato: fredag 6 september 2019 19:00 - 8 september 18:00

Drawing wisdom from The Letter of the Golden Key, a Shambhala root text that addresses our relationship to the material world and our sense perceptions, we will learn the practice of enriching presence—the ability to instantly sense the inner wealth wit


The Four Foundations of Mindfulness with Dorothea Gädeke

Senter: Stockholm
Dato: fredag 18 oktober 2019 19:00 - 20 oktober 18:00
Lærer : Dorothea Gädeke

These teachings on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness stem from the times of the Buddha. They are clear and precise and practical instructions on how to relate directly with our bodies and minds.